Ebenfeld Farm Project


This was a multiphase project begging with a pullet and layer facility and then completion of a feed mill that would feed the pullet and layers as well as turkey barns also on the colony. From the initial blueprint sketches in the spring of 2022 to the culmination of the project when the mill beginning to create feed in February 2024, this two year project integrated cutting-edge technologies with time honored agricultural practices. Check out the arial video that was shot the week the mill was starting up. For a full tour of the mill see the virtual tours below.

Check out a full tour of the Layer barn below the equipment you will see is:

  • Valli Aviary Cages, Paramada Plus model
  • CBM Lights and CBM System Lights
  • CBM 48v light dimmers
  • United Agri Systems control panel
  • Fully automated manure removal system
  • Fully automated egg belt systems
  • M500 Flex Augers
  • Lubing chain conveyors
  • Ventom 5 tunnel inlets
  • Pad cooling system
  • Chimney Vents
  • TPI Aeron Inlets
  • EC Units for tunnel fans

Check out below for the full tour of the Mill below, the equipment you will see is:

  • Skiold cleaner
  • Disc mill
  • Three-scale system
  • 2-ton mixer
  • Easy Automation 30-box micro system
  • Blower unit
  • 30-port blower manifold
  • 6-tote ingredient system
  • Optimum grain bins
  • Easy Automation micro ingredient boxes
  • Load-out bin
  • 6000 bushels per hour receiving system

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