NEW AERON Hog & Poultry Air Inlet by TPI!


Poultry House ventilation is a crucial success point for your operation, not just in hot weather. As we approach the cooler weather. Challenges in bringing small volumes of air to the appropriate speed so it is not dumping directly onto your flock are common. The TPI Aeron remedies this issue, allowing movement as low as 80m3/h at 20Pa, guiding air upwards and towards the centre of the house.

Product Features:

  • Control at a maximum even during minimum ventilation
  • Ability to maintain high air speed and throw during low air volumes
  • Complete closure with seals all around inner valve, allowing air in where needed
  • Rounded edges for added strength, smooth air flow
  • Special design with adjustment options on control arm
  • Special design pulley unit with incorporated closing catch, with support main cable
  • External spring-free to increase aerodynamics
  • Wind Hood and integrated light trap optional
  • Simple cleaning due to complete opening of air inlet
  • Composed of polyurethane for maximum durability, quality, insulation

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