KONAVI Broiler Feeder by Chore-Time


Clean Feeding. Maximum Feed Access. Minimal Waste.

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting chicks? The feed waste. From laying down excess feed on the chick paper, to having birds climbing in the pans, the dirty, wasted feed does not help your ROI.

Enter, the Chore-Time Konavi Feeder pan, the industry leader in addressing the Modern Producers Health Concerns.

The Chore-Time Konavi pan is designed for maximizing feed access, while minimizing feed waste. The low pan height with scalloped edges allows for birds to comfortably access feed no matter their stage in the growth cycle.

The bad habits of stepping in the pan, and scratching feed out are discouraged by the angled cone with anti-rake fins. Not only preventing feed waste, this design prevents feed contamination as well.

Easy Cleaning

With no pockets, grills or corners to trap feed, the entire pan can be cleaned quickly and easily. Between flocks, flip the single lever on the pan to open up, and power wash for better bird health.

Two Configurations

The Konavi pans by Chore-Time work in both floor and colony feeder configurations, with an optional slide shot-off for ease of feed flow control in the case of unused areas of the barn.


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