Easy Deadstock Removal with the Ro-Main Hercules Arm


Combining stunning maueverability, solo operation and the reduction of harm, the Hercules Arm by Conception Ro-Main is the ideal piece of equipment for deadstock removal in a Hog Barn.

The Hercules Arm requires one solo operator, increasing efficiency and reducing labour requirements. Once the tiltable, telescopic boom is in place and the deadstock is hooked up, removal is quick and easy without any strain to the operator.

With a tight turn radius, the Hercules Arm is able to maneuver through the tightest of hallways and corners.

Hercules Arm Features:

  • Flat Proof weighted tires (filled with silicone)
  • Mighty Winch capacity of 2500lbs
  • Tiltable, Telescopic Boom
  • 180° Pivotal Mast
  • Articulated chassis (optional) with front steering system
  • Built-in Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable Gel Batteries
  • Unit Width 20″
  • Mast Height Minimum: 74″ (188cm); Maximum: 98″ (248.9cm)
  • Stainless Steel winch cable
  • Variable Speed
  • Footboard

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