Big Dutchman UniGROW 360 Turkey Pans

Start Poults Quickly, Move Them out Earlier

The Big Dutchman UniGrow 360 Turkey pans provides your poults with a quick start, an earlier move out date, with easier access to feed while wasting less. A full 360° flood without bridging ensures birds can feed easily.

UniGROW 360 Advantages

  • Top cap snaps onto pan for easy assembly, installation and maintenance
  • Pan dispenses feed 360° preventing waste or stale feed
  • Thorough wash down is easy!
  • Anti-scratch ring prevents feed waste
  • Various minimum feed level settings allows customization
  • Slinging feed prevention is easy with feed collar being raised/lowered with a winch system
  • Unique three-strut grille prevents small birds from being trapped, while still being able to access feed